36 hours of dramatic giant man-eating crocodile traps

36 hours of dramatic giant man-eating crocodile traps

After an extremely tense confrontation, the people have captured the cold-blooded assassin hiding in the river for more than 7 years just waiting to go ashore to catch people.

Recently, the Indian Express reported that a rescue team and employees of the Vadodara Forest Department launched a hunt for a giant crocodile, 4m long, after the cold-blooded assassin attacked a 54-year-old woman named Mangiben, who lives in Mahadevpura village, Vadodara district, Gujarat state. India on 3/7.

Image of a crocodile being caught alive by people (Indian Express photo)

Locals recounted that the incident happened in the afternoon when Mangiben was washing clothes on the banks of the Dev River.

Mangiben’s husband and locals organized a search for the victim along the river. After an hour, they discovered the victim’s body and tried to take it ashore.

This is not the first time the crocodile has attacked people, so Hemant Vadhana and a team of crocodile hunters have joined Vadodara Forest Department staff, led by Kashyap Patel, to hunt down the crocodile since the afternoon of July 3.

Another crocodile raid is also in India (internet photo)

In order to capture the crocodile alive, the group decided to place bait for the cold-blooded assassin to sneak ashore. Finally, after 36 hours, the animal coolly appeared at dawn on 5/7.

A member of the crocodile hunting team said they waited 36 hours to see the crocodile appear. The group used bait to lure it ashore. Waiting for the opportunity to come, a person with experience in subduing 10 crocodiles threw a noose at its neck and tugged hard.

The people around quickly assisted and covered the crocodile’s eyes with cloth. From there, tame this aggressive, fierce animal. After a struggle, the 4-meter-long crocodile was subdued and handed over to the Vadodara Forestry Department.

The Palawan provincial government also once caught a crocodile 4.7 meters long, weighing about 500kg (Image: Rappler)

Vadhwana authorities said the crocodile had been hiding in the river for 7 years and killed at least 7 people, most of them women who came to the river to wash their clothes. Local officials believe that the crocodile’s preference to attack people may be due to the fact that it discharges medical waste into the Dev River, and the river is also famous for crocodile attacks on people during the rainy season.

Previously, the giant crocodile has also attacked 3 people this year, so far and this is the 2nd death. In May, another woman was attacked in a similar manner by a crocodile in Goraj village.

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