A family from the US has found an alien baby – Or is it a big hoax?

As the title suggests, a new discovery was made by a family from Texas that effectively showcased the fact that they stumbled across this strange small creature in their front yard.

The creature looked a lot like a caterpillar at first, but as they came closer and closer to it they noticed just how strange it really looked.

Its alien features began popping up soon after, making them even more confused as to what they could have possibly discovered here.

As they first lifted it from the ground, they figured it was one of the babies of the terrifying Mothman creature but they soon discarded this idea altogether. For one, the Mothman has red eyes not black eyes and it’s also mostly only ever been seen in Chicago.

So, if it’s not the elusive Mothman then what could it possibly be? Is this an alien baby we’re looking at? How else could we explain its incredible look and 6 arms? Many believe that it could be a fully grown alien but that they really are that small as they grow.

What do you think? The video below went viral as more and more people have entered the debate trying to see for themselves whether this creature was real or not.

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