A strange discovery above the earth at 30,000 feet – A Giant Being (Video)

A strange discovery above the earth at 30,000 feet – A Giant Being (Video)

This discovery comes to us from Austria, as a random airplane passenger spotted this strange being walking on top of the clouds at 30,000 feet in the air. Experts believe that this is actually a massive alien being that we’re looking at which is indicated by its humanoid shape and its overall disregard for laws of physics.

The cameraman mentioned how this creature was massive, to say the least too and how it effortlessly walked across the clouds from one place to another.

The passenger’s name is Nick O’Donoghue and he stated that this was actually a supernatural event and that what he came across here is actually an angel not an alien.

Although we won’t actively dismiss any theories, we will state that the possibility of this being an alien is far more likely, to say the least.

You can see its arms and legs and its humanoid look. Based on this alone, experts concluded that this could be one of the Giants that the ancient texts speak of although this is still all just speculations for now.

Not everyone is as convinced though, as a lot of online theorists also downright dismissed this as just the reflection of a massive building from Austria. This is not the case however as no building is big enough for it to actually make a dent through the clouds and also, according to Nick the creature moved on its own as the plane passed it by.


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