An extremely strange creature was filmed in Argentina – What could it be?

An extremely strange creature was filmed in Argentina – What could it be?

The following discovery was made by a random passerby that couldn’t help but notice a series of strange burn marks that were scattered all over the grass. He was spooked by the discovery, fearing that some kids could have set a fire somewhere nearby so he decided to pull out his camera in the hopes of finding the culprit behind the skid marks.

He stated in an interview later on that he did fear the Chupa Cabras, the mysterious creature that was seen eating cattle amongst other animals that the farmers were growing on their private property from South America.

He did believe in the creature but he didn’t let his fears get in the way. So, when he heard his dog start barking, he immediately headed straight for the woods, hoping to get the rascals that were messing with him.

That is when he saw the strange creature with his own two eyes. In the video, he took here this day you can clearly see the creature’s eyes as it approaches the onlooker.

He started running away and although the creature did follow at first it seemed as though he lost it. He asked the internet if this could be anything other than the Chupa Cabras but the reactions were quite split, to say the least.

What do you think this creature could be? Let us know.

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