Are fossil skulls on Mars evidence of ancient aliens?

Images of what is similar to a fossilized skull, hidden in layers of dust on Mars have shown signs of ancient alien life on Mars.

Ufo hunter and space journalist Joe White, 45, claims to have stumbled upon the remains of an ancient extraterrestrial inhabitant on Mars. The bizarre statement came online after White spent hours sifting through photos taken by NASA’s Curiosity spacecraft.

The image is believed to be the fossilized skull of aliens on Mars. Photo by Alien Art TV

Special images of a strange rock resembling the shape of a skull were shared online on YouTube channel ArtAlienTV. In the video description, the UFO hunter speculates: “A giant bird, a giant skull and other mysterious structures and objects on Mars. Look. Ignore all cognitive limitations and use your own eyes.”

White said the skull in the image was about two feet wide, suggesting the owner could be up to 4.6 meters tall. He later said in the video: “The object looks like a giant skull with jawbone here and possibly an eye socket as well. These look like teeth – do you see them? A two-three-four-year-six. It could be seven.”

The video has attracted more than 8,000 views since it was uploaded, with many viewers excited by the discovery.

Commenting on YouTube, posted by Lee Robert, said: “The findings stand out. The large skull has indisputable details. Another wrote: “There’s so much more on Mars discovered, and so much so that NASA can’t disturb it.”

However, the scientists suggest that these images simply reflect a psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia, meaning that the human brain can process, making the person see what they hope for even if they don’t actually exist.

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