China has an impenetrable underwater tomb, and even Qin Shi Huang has to "tie his hands" back.

China has an impenetrable underwater tomb, and even Qin Shi Huang has to “tie his hands” back.

Qin Shi Huang sent soldiers to the tomb to steal the treasure, but failed because he could not find the entrance, so he eventually had to “regret” returning.

China has an ancient profession, which is tomb theft. Because the vassal kings, the nobles in the historical dynasties liked to bury treasures with themselves in the grave, making tomb theft one of the fastest ways to get rich at that time.

Jiangsu has an ancient underwater tomb built more than 2,500 years ago, it is said that inside there are more than 3,000 treasured swords, but even ancient tomb thieves and modern experts have to “tie their hands”.

According to records, Xia Lu’s tomb has all 3,000 treasured swords.

It is known that this ancient tomb was built from the year of King Xia Lu, who was the 24th king of wu country – vassal of the Zhou Dynasty in the Spring and Autumn period in Chinese history.

He Lu (514 BC – 496 BC) was also a very famous king in history, in office for 18 years. The two things that he has done are known to many people: One, the faction likes the visitors to kill Wu Lieu, then become king; Second, appointing the Five Princes as vizier, Sun Yu as general, defeating the Chu country.

Xia Lu’s son, Fu Sai, defeated The Send-off and also defeated Him. He inherited his father’s throne, but later died along with the destruction of the country.

The wrong one was very kind to his father. After Xiap Lu’s death, Fu Sai built a grave in TigerKou (Suzhou, Jiangsu), consuming a lot of manpower, money and materials. It is said that Phu Sai has recruited more than 10 million people across the country to build this tomb.

Since Xia Lu was very fond of battle and martial arts, in addition to the treasured honeysuckle, Phu Sai also prepared a lot of swords to be buried with his father. At that time, it was the most powerful period of sword casting history. So the tomb of Hap Lu stored countless traditional swords, so many that it could not be counted.

In the recorded “Viet Great Letter”, Hap Lu tomb has all 3,000 treasured swords. But this cannot be confirmed because this tomb has never been excavated.

The first person who wanted to “touch” The Tomb of Hap Lu was Viet Vuong Fishing, who caused the corn country to perish. From Shandong, he excavated the tomb of his lifelong enemy Fu Sai. But I don’t know why I couldn’t find Xia Lu’s tomb, so I just returned.

In the last years of the Warring States period, another famous king also intentionally entered the tomb of Xia Lu, which was Qin Shi Huang. It is said that he sent soldiers to TigerKou to close the business, preparing to go to the tomb to steal the treasure, but eventually had to “regret” returning because he could not find the entrance.

Later, Xiang Yu heard that in the tomb of Xia Lu contained wisdom, so he also wanted to rob to establish a great business. But like Qin Shi Huang, Xiang Yu couldn’t break into the tomb door. So the tomb of Xia Lu once again escaped from the hands of the thieves.

It was not until the Ming Yuyuan Years of the Ming Dynasty (1491 – 1521) that one of the “Jiangnan Four Great Actors” was Tang Ba Tiger, nearly made Xia Lu’s tomb “see the light”.

At that time, Suzhou encountered a drought, causing the lake around Xia Lu tomb to dry to see the bottom, showing signs of the tomb. Tang Ba Tiger immediately called the person preparing to excavate, but did not expect the important moment to be prevented by the authorities.

To this day, The Tomb of Hap Lu still exists completely, which has not been “visited” by people.

In 1955, experts used machines to suck up all the water in the lake, then discovered the writing of Tang Ba Tiger and many other historical figures left behind. This shows that the tomb actually exists. But experts say the material should be protected and has not taken the next step of excavation.

In 1978, the team decided to excavate The Tomb of Hao Lu again. But when the triangular dynamic door was discovered, something happened. After breaking down the entrance to the cave, the expert discovered that there were 3 extremely large stones blocking the middle of the path. But above these stones is the TigerKou Tower – the symbol of Suzhou. After careful consideration, destroying these 3 slabs will affect the TigerKou Tower, so the expert stopped the plan to excavate The Tomb of Hap Lu.

To this day, The Tomb of Hap Lu still exists completely, which has not been “visited” by people. Experts have not been able to find the right way to enter the tomb, this is a great regret for the field of archaeology.

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