Mysterious jellyfish-shaped object flying into earth's atmosphere worries many people

Mysterious jellyfish-shaped object flying into earth’s atmosphere worries many people

Some people have captured something very strangely shaped flying in the sky – and it doesn’t look like the blips in the sky that were once thought to be meteorites or flying saucers.

This thing is very bright and is believed to have flown into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Perhaps we will never be able to fully understand the natural world, because strange and mysterious things keep happening.

Recently, people in the Amur Oblast region (Russia) saw something glowing in the sky. This thing is very bright and is believed to have flown into the Earth’s atmosphere. Initially, it looked like a comet because of its long tail, but the reality is that in recent times, there have not been any warnings by international aviation and space agencies about comets or meteorites or asteroids flying past Earth at close range.

The person who posted the video said: “My friends and I have seen this object moving in the sky. It flies rather slowly. We thought it was some kind of rocket or something. Then it exploded and formed the shape of a jellyfish.”

There are also those who claim that this object looks like a cage seal to stir flour or eggs. But whatever it looks like, everyone has to admit that this is a very strange object and they have never seen anything that forms such a shape.

Some people think that the strange object looks a lot like a cage seal. (Photo: The Sun; Webstaurant).

With every strange event, of course there will be people who are afraid. Some netizens say they only see flying objects with such fancy shapes in sci-fi horror movies, so this is not a good sign.

However, a netizen who claimed to have knowledge of astronomy claimed that it was a meteorite and that it burned when it entered the atmosphere. It is possible that this meteorite contains certain substances, so when it burns, it forms such a shape. And meteorite fragments after burning and breaking can fall into the sea or uninhabited lands, so no one will detect them.

There are also people who say this object resembles a jellyfish. (Photo: YouTube; Yachting).

No agency has confirmed what the object actually is.

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