The story behind the strange text that makes anyone passing by see is also haunted

The story behind the strange text that makes anyone passing by see is also haunted

The inscription has been scrawled on the tower for more than 70 years, making anyone passing by accidentally see it also haunted.

Graffiti-style inscriptions appear on the towering towering tower in Hagley, a small village in Worcestershire England, reading “Who stuffed Bella into the tree?” For more than 70 years, I have not found the answer.

For many residents and tourists who come here, accidentally see the strange inscription, most of them say they feel obsessed.

“Who put Bella in the tree?”

The story begins one afternoon in April 1943. Four young men from a nearby village were hunting bird eggs in Hagley Wood when they came across a large elm tree. In the hollow stem of this great tree, the group discovered what looked like an animal’s skull. But after looking closely, the four young men were horrified to realize that the skull had both human hair and teeth.

They were all so frightened and that they had trespassed on someone’s land that they quietly put the skull in the old place. They made a deal with each other without anyone revealing this terrible discovery to others.

The victim’s skull was found in a tree hollow (Photo: Amusing).

But this secret is too much for Tommy Willetts – the youngest of the group. Tommy told his parents the whole thing. They then reported them to the police.

When police conducted an examination of the scene, they not only found the skull separated from the skeleton, but also had a nearly complete skeleton along with a shoe, a gold wedding ring and several pieces of clothing. A hand severed from his body was also found buried nearby.

Forensic experts have confirmed that this is the skeleton of a 35-year-old woman who died at least 18 months ago. The taffeta cloth in the victim’s mouth indicated that she had died of asphyxiation. In addition, according to the initial results, the woman was murdered and the victim was pushed into the trunk while “the body was still warm”. Because, once the body has contracted, it will not fit into that hollow.

Police were unable to identify the victim. At that time, The Second World War was very intense, which hindered the investigation. Many men and women who went to war or moved elsewhere, were reported missing, so the investigation gradually fell into a dead end.

Mysterious inscriptions appear and theories appear.

By christmas that year, mysterious graffiti began to appear in the village. These are the words printed in white chalk: “Who stuffed Bella into the base of the elm?”

It was also the first time the victim had been named by his official name. According to the police, this proves that the owner of these words knew the woman, or that this was the killer who left the message in the murder. Is this how the unsub deliberately mocked the police by sending the message as a challenge?

Gradually, the name Bella became popular throughout the region. Everyone said it was the victim’s name and the police themselves used it to investigate.

Initial results showed that they received information about a flower girl named Bella living in Birmingham, who went missing in 1941. However, the investigating authorities have not yet reached an official conclusion.

The inscription was written on the tall tower, haunting for nearly a century(Photo: Amusing).

Thanks to the graffiti constantly appearing and persistent, the mystery of the murder case does not sink. Decades on, new theories have emerged. One of them involved the theory that the victim was Dutch, passed on classified information to the Nazis and was purged for treason. Bella’s name is also derived from this woman’s real name.

Since 1970, this haunting inscription has been painted on the wall in the Duke of Wychbury Obelisk castle in Hagley Park. The police are not stopping investigating the case. More than half a century after the discovery of the body, records remain open until 1999. However, most of the witnesses are no longer available and the true identity of the woman “Bella” and the owner of the inscription will remain a mystery.

Up to now, the case has not been forgotten but almost fell into a dead end. Many people still hope that the identity of “Bella” will be confirmed, thereby helping to relieve the pain of the deceased.

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