With the help of Google Earth, an amateur seems to have found a triangular UFO in Antarctica

A team of professional virtual archaeologists recently decided to pick apart Antarctica and see what else could lie within it.

So, equipped with Google Earth, they scoped out for any possible discrepancies they could uncover in the frozen continent and it didn’t take long before they came across several of them.

The most important point we need to mention is when they discovered what appears to be a strange object right outside the southern area of Antarctica, near the elusive Queen Maud Land.

The object appears to have flung itself right into the snow, causing it to be completely covered by it. But, because of the constant waves of heat that are surrounding Antarctica because of global warming, it’s now being cleared away as we speak.

The object appears to be around 107 meters tall and 74 meters wide and as far as we know it’s made up of some strange metal material.

We can’t say for sure whether it’s Atlantean, Martian, or whatnot, but what we can say however is that it’s definitely not technology that the governments have given us access to, to say the least.

What do you think? Check the video out below for yourself if you want to find out more about these rather insane discoveries that we are actively finding on a daily basis nowadays.

While you’re at it you are free to also check out its exact coordinates too: 72*35’15.0”S 31*18’46.0”E


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