Woman sees UFOs 9 times, encounters 'aliens'

Woman sees UFOs 9 times, encounters ‘aliens’

Sacha Christie, 51, details what happened to her over the years while living in Liverpool, Merseyside, England.

The woman was always afraid and assumed that she had repeatedly encountered alien UFOs.

At one point, Sacha even experienced a strange encounter to the point of fear, having to leave the house because of fears of alien abduction.

The 51-year-old said she first saw what she believed was a UFO when she was seven years old. Since then, Sacha Christie has seen it all nine times.

Sacha still remembers how scared she felt when she saw the unidentified flying object, which emits light in the sky, which looked like a spacecraft during a family trip in 1997.

Sacha Christie was on vacation with her ex-husband Steve, son Louie and two family members on vacation at an apartment in the quiet countryside.

Sacha Christie said: ‘At that moment, Steve pointed to the streaks of light in the sky, we observed that it seemed to grow and move towards us. As the low clouds pass by, the ufo’s shadow looks like a giant jellyfish. The frightened children, the sheep in the field next door, all lay strangely long.”

Sacha Christie recalled that at the time her ex-husband Steve felt something touch his leg. Meanwhile, Sacha Christie heard something very quiet, like moving barefoot in the mud behind her.

“I saw a strangely shaped alien running past me. I was scared, completely blind, couldn’t look any more and I panicked and ran away in panic,” Christie said.

Seeing UFOs on vacation that day with Sacha Christie was the most memorable, she was too scared and also from there she suffered from a number of psychological syndromes, including anxiety disorder.

“In the past, I always felt safe, no psychological problems, but since I saw the UFO at close range, I was scared, worried a lot. Every time you leave the house, you have to think very hard,” Christie said.

The woman regularly talks to the UFO watchers’ association, attends the annual UFO conference, and often shares her experiences. She said: ‘It’s very difficult to explain specifically all the encounters I’ve been through, it’s hard for me to believe what I’ve seen myself. I’ve spent most of my life looking for danger, explaining those situations, but my only conclusion is UFOs, a life form other than Earth.”

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